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    Property Management, Business Valuations, and other Additional services

    We believe that we are able to add tangible value through our team of passionate and well-educated brokers, agents and support staff, all of whom are inter-connected to assist with all of your property management, portfolio management and property disposal needs. Our systems support our clients’ requirements, and the available solutions are integrated in accordance with our clients’ unique needs.

    We assure our clients of our total compliance with industry regulatory standards and FIC requirements. We are fully registered with the EAAB, and as such, Sentinel Commercial Services and all its agents are in possession of valid Fidelity Fund Certificates, in addition to our Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

    Our thorough industry service offering includes:
    Professional business valuation opinions – we lend our expert insight in this regard to both businesses that our clients are targeting for acquisition, and those that our clients wish to sell and therefore need to know the value of. Commercial property management – this is an interdisciplinary business function with the aim of coordinating the demand and supply of facilities and services within commercial organisations. Put another way, it has to do with the management of tangible assets that support the functioning of the commercial property in question.

    Due diligence – A critical element of successfully investing in commercial property is performing a thorough Due Diligence Investigation before becoming legally obligated to acquire the property. This investigation will assure awareness of all the material facts and details pertinent to the intended use or disposition of the property after closing.

    Finance sourcing – we have referral partners that we recommend who can assist our clients with the sourcing of financing. Our valuable networks are put to work on our clients’ behalf so that beneficial business relationships with reputable financiers can be forged.

    Performance consulting – This service is typically a consequence of a business process like the valuation of a business that is potentially for sale. Our exhaustive experience in the commercial property industry has resulted in our cultivation of valuable industry insights.

    Investment Property – With 25 years’ investment management experience at the highest levels and their extensive industry network and knowledge, our team of specialist investment property brokers have the know how to counsel our clients on optimal yield opportunities within a mitigated risk portfolio.

    Business Coaching – Our offering includes exceptional business coaching skills to ensure that your business is designed for profitable growth to position itself for a future sale or as a passive income stream to you, the owner. It is these coaching skills that we bring to bear in assisting our clients construct businesses that are successful and wealth generating in the long term.