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Management Consulting Services

Our services provide complete and holistic support of business processes from analysis of opportunities to operational reviews and improvement.

Management Consulting Services

We believe that we are able to add tangible value through our team of passionate, well experienced and educated consultants, agents and support staff by offering advisory services focused on improving business performance.  

Our systems support our clients through integrated solutions in accordance with our clients’ unique business requirements.

Our advisory service offering includes:

Due diligence – A critical element of successfully investing in a commercial concern is performing a thorough due diligence investigation before entering into a service level agreement, partnership arrangement, or becoming legally obligated to acquire such a business. Such an investigation will assure awareness of all the material facts and details pertinent to the intended use.

Business plans – We lend our expert insight in this regard to both businesses and start up entrepreneurs by ensuring clients have correct understanding of how to grow their business.

Business turnaround – This is an interdisciplinary business process aimed at improving the financial performance of a business, restructuring contracts and increasing business effectiveness.

Mergers and acquisitions – M&A forms the basis for many organisation’s growth strategies. Our skilled and experienced team provide expert insight and assistance into the practical, organisational and legal considerations to ensure a mutually beneficial transaction.

Sourcing – We have referral partners that we recommend who can assist our clients with the sourcing of financing. Our valuable networks are put to work on our clients’ behalf so that beneficial business relationships with reputable financiers can be forged.

B-BBEE structuring – Our service offering assists businesses looking to restructure organisational ownership as well as providing expert guidance on compliance and reporting to industry sector codes.

Employee incentive schemes – Employee incentive programs are designed to attract, engage, and retain talent. Our expertise lies in helping clients analyse the best structure for such a scheme, whether it may be a performance-based incentive scheme, share participation scheme or phantom scheme.

Legal services – We lend our valuable insight in this regard to businesses looking to formalise a range of contracts through our in-house attorney and legal team.

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